Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year, results and triangles

Hi fellow OU-ers

Happy New Year. I hope you all had a fun and productive time over the festive season. I managed the first of those at least, but I have been far from productive.

For that reason, I originally wrote right here about doing only a small post, as I need to get cracking on catching up with MT365 so I can address the TMA due on the 10th (or thereabouts). That never happened, as like always, I got a bit carried away, so I've changed it to what you're reading now. In fact, it was the worry about that happening and me spending ages typing that kept me putting off posting for so long. I don't know why though, since I really enjoy it. Either way though, I am very sorry about that.

So, pretty late I know, but here's how I did in 2012:
Topology - Grade 2
Groups and Geometry - Grade 2
Consistent, at least, but very disappointed about the Groups result. I honestly felt that I had all but aced the exam... apparently not. Topology I should be pleased with, as many of us know how awful it was; there was no way my performance in the exam would be distinction-level. So that didn't upset me at all. But that bloody Groups one did. Looking back, I can only assume I lost most marks on the Part 2 questions.

Work-wise, I have had a very busy time since the exams. This is usually great for me, as I tend to need to make more money to counter the lost work while revising, and to prepare for the fast-approaching tax bill at the end of January (for which I've usually failed to put away adequately in advance). And with no studying until the courses start up again in February, in previous years, everything has been hunky dory.

Not so with the change to the autumn start. So not only do I have to contend with no break between courses, but also with too much work to keep up with my course. Very not good! I am so glad I've just got the 30 points this year, or I'd be in really bad shape.

Still, it got me a slightly brag-worthy achievement, before Christmas. For whatever reason, MT365 has a few CMAs thrown in with the TMAs. The first one was due on the 19th of December. By the time I got to the 19th (and I'd at least quadruple checked that the deadline was... how to put this.... er, "twenty four O'clock" on the 19th, and not "zero O'clock"), I had finished just one of the four books it was based on, and about 15 pages of the second. And for reasons I've still yet to fully fathom, I didn't actually get started until gone 3pm on that day. However, I finished it with an hour to go, and managed 93%. However, it was both fairly easy and multiple choice, so do not misunderstand my point, I'm not claiming to be a graphs genius. But it is fun to tell people :)

I was hoping to do some major catching up over Christmas, but I had a lot on in the end, and I'm still quite a way behind. After I've written this, the rest of the day will be for studying. Alas each of the other days until this deadline has to be shared with a fair (but not excessive at least) amount of work for deadlines on the 7th and 10th.

Kim got the result for her Masters by the way. She got a distinction which was just the best news. She's now officially a Master in Human Osteology and Paleopathology (or "bone-ology" as I oh-so-wittily refer to it).

What else is new? Oh yes, I got a second tattoo. I decided to (bad pun alert) complement my Sierpinski Triangle tattoo, with a tattoo of the complement of the Sierpinski Triangle. It's on the other arm, and I think looks pretty good. Despite the more ink it actually took less time, and so cost less. It was my Christmas present from my parents.

If that wasn't enough, my Mum also bought me a nice large 3D-printed Sierpinski Tetrahedron, from the very excellent Shapeways website (where Kim got me my Klein bottle from last year). I'll just get the camera out and take a sec.

Pretty cool, huh? I put the ruler in for a bit of perspective in terms of size. You may be able to pick out the scale on the ruler, at least in the larger version. If not, it's a 30cm ruler, and it comes to just short of the 18cm point. The hardest thing about this picture, was choosing which angle to take it from. It's just so amazing in any orientation, in my opinion.

Well, I think I shall leave it there and get on with some studying. Sorry again for taking so long to post.
I hope that what little there has been of 2013 has treated you well so far.

Neil H


  1. Congrats on the topology and groups scores Neil! A 2 is a solid pass in anyone's book, particularly in topology.


  2. Hi Neil,

    Could you drop me an email when you have a minute or two free please?

    I just have a quick question about your blog if you don't mind

    Many thanks!
    The Open University